River Guides

This page contains detailed information about different rivers. Submissions of new guides would be greatly appreciated. All we have right now are American Whitewater Sites. Also, although ETWC does love to kayak, just because we have these rivers on here does not mean you are ready for them. Stay at your skill level and go with people who you trust and know the river you are on. If you have knowledge or experience of any trips you would like to see listed here please submit them via the “Email Us” link. All rivers are welcome, we will be happy to add them as well as personally written guides to any or all of these already listed here.

Rivers in Tennessee

Clear Creek – Barnett Bridge to Jett Bridge – Class II – II+

Clear Creek – Jett Bridge to Lily Bridge – Class II – III

Clear Creek – Lily Bridge to Nemo – Class III – IV

Daddy’s Creek – Antioch to DBT – Class III – V

Little River – Sinks to Elbow – Class III – IV

Ocoee River – Upper Section – Class III – IV

Ocoee River – lower section – Class III – IV

Tellico – Ledges – Class III – IV(+ Possibly)

Middle Prong of The Little Pigeon – Class IV+

Tremont River – Class III – IV

Rivers in North Carolina

Cheoah River – Class III – IV+

Nantahala River – Class II – III

Nantahala River Cascades – Class IV – V

Green River Narrows – Class IV – V+

Rivers in Georgia

Tallulah River Gorge – Class IV – V